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3.25" W x 3.25" H

• ABS Plastic
• Square shaped bottle opener on corner of coaster
• Anti-slip backing
• Protect your furniture from water rings
• Always have an opener handy

PAD 1C HD READY – 2" W x 0.5" H (front)
WK9143-C-LANGLEY COASTER WITH BOTTLE OPENER-Lime Green (Clearance Minimum 340 Units)
2256 in stock
WK9143-C-LANGLEY COASTER WITH BOTTLE OPENER-Orange (Clearance Minimum 340 Units)
9 in stock
WK9143-C-LANGLEY COASTER WITH BOTTLE OPENER-Royal Blue (Clearance Minimum 340 Units)
1580 in stock

Pad Printing (PAD 1C)
CANADA Set up charge $65.00 (G) each
USA Set up charge $60.00 (G) each
Repeat set up charge: $30.00 (G) each.

There is a maximum of 1 colour on this option. Pad Printing is extremely effective on rounded, uneven, or slanted product shapes. It is also perfect for small and intricate logos. A silicone pad is used to transfer the ink onto the product. The pad can hit various levels on a product at one time. Ink colour availability is restricted due to the limited ability to mix inks utilized in this process. Pad printing is utilized on products such as: plastics, pens, aluminum, tins, rubber, cardboard gift boxes, metal, vinyl, leather and paper pad banners.

Ink Change: All orders that require an ink colour change are subject to a charge of $35.00(E) per colour.

CANADA Set up charge $65.00 (G) each
USA Set up charge $60.00 (G) each
Repeat set up charge: $30.00 (G) each.
Utilize imprinted price and add $0.45(E) run charge.

Affordable high definition four colour process decorating is now available. Inexpensive run charges combined with stunning high-resolution images makes this one of the industry's most sought-after decorating methods. Please allow seven to ten business days after preproduction sample approval if one is required. ***Production times may vary, contact your account manager for current lead times prior to order placement. Longer lead times may be needed for large quantities.
If you require an HD Ready in an additional location (if applicable), an additional location running charge (based on quantity-see pricing grid on this page) AND an HD Ready running charge are both applicable.

Lime Green (Clearance Minimum 340 Units)
Qty Available: 2256
Orange (Clearance Minimum 340 Units)
Qty Available: 9
Royal Blue (Clearance Minimum 340 Units)
Qty Available: 1580